The Driving Force Behind Econopark Express

Econopark Express is convenient. It saves you time and offers an incredible value for the money. And it’s safe.

But don’t take it from us.

Take it from the 1000’s of Econopark Express visitors who have earned us a favorable ranking on Facebook, Yelp, and many other third-party review sites. Fabulous, amazing and courteous are among the other positive adjectives that have been used to describe our off-site parking services.

Almost every review shares a notable opinion: our driver’s are what sets us apart. All of our drivers assist with luggage and offer complimentary bottled water. They stay on schedule, drive safely and get you to the BWI terminal, BWI Amtrak, or BWI Car Rental Facility.

But they also care. They do it all with a smile. Why?

Because We Care

“I really love the people,” said Bridget, who is among the most frequently recognized of our staff for her exemplary service. “What I love most is hearing about their adventure when they’re going, but when I get lucky enough to hear about it when they come back…it’s a lot of fun.”

At Econopark Express, we value the customer experience above all.

Our “door of fame” features dozens of personally handwritten and typed out notes of appreciation from our customers who agree that our drivers are the driving force behind Econopark.

“Our driver, Bridget, was outstanding,” wrote one customer, of their first experience at our facility. “(She was) cheerful, polite and informative…I know where I will be parking in the future.”

Because We Have Fun

Gary is another customer favorite, not only for his exceptional customer service, but for the entertainment value he adds to his rides.

“Gary was polite, courteous and professional and am so thankful for his kindness,” wrote another customer. “I hope he can benefit in some way for his hard work.”

The guitar-playing and soulful Gary is known for his engaging, outgoing personality.

“We want you to know how appreciative we are of your driver Gary and your company for the service received,” wrote a second customer. “There are other lots available to travelers but we will always use and recommend yours! Please extend our thanks again!”

Gary has even been known to entertain his guests with a memorable rendition of the Gettysburg Address, which he recites word-for-word.

“I noticed (my guests) had Pennsylvania license plates and we got to talking about the Gettysburg address, so I told them I could give them a version of it,” Gary explained. “Afterward they just broke out with applause and I really felt great that I did something right and enjoyable for the customer.”

Because We Go Above and Beyond

Many of our other drivers, including Gary C., Torrance, Calvert and Daniel, have been applauded by customers for going above and beyond the call of duty.

“What a model employee, a pleasure to work with,” a customer said, speaking of Torrance, whose service has also been described as professional, wonderful and exceptional.

“It is not often these days that we recognize the good in people and the positive experiences we share, so I wanted to let you know you have great employees,” said another customer, who had experiences with two different drivers.

“I just want to express my deepest gratitude to Daniel and Econopark Express,” another customer added. “It is very rare to come across such a convenient service that is also personal and humble.”

So Why Chose Econopark Express?

Econopark Express is an off-site airport parking facility for BWI conveniently located 3.1 miles from the south side of the terminal behind the rental car facility.

Our rates are competitive, our facility is safe, but most importantly, our driver’s care. Our drivers make us unique. They are truly the driving force behind Econopark Express.

For more information, call (401) 850-7001 or make a reservation online.