Pump the Brakes at Econopark Express, Then Pump Some Iron at BWI

There just isn’t enough time.

When it comes to working out, research by credible sources like Web MD, Very Well, and TIME all support the excuse most of us know a little too well. There just is not enough time to work out.

The next big thing in fitness offers a viable solution. Now even the busiest of people have a new option that makes pumping iron synonymous with waiting to catch a flight.

Now instead of sitting in the uncomfortable chairs (assuming you’re lucky enough to find a spot), you can get fit while you wait to fly at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Thanks to the recently opened ROAM Fitness, a revolutionary fitness center concept within the airport, visitors to BWI can maximize their airport time by stretching their muscles and feeling the burn.

Before you’re stuck on a plane with no leg room to spare, ROAM Fitness offers travelers the chance to get their heart rate up before they’re in flight so calories can keep on burning while they’re in the air.

“It’s a concept that my business partner and I came up with while we were in grad school and it’s something we wanted for ourselves,” explained Cynthia Sandall, CEO of ROAM. “We love the idea of offering travelers the ability to exercise when they’re away from home anyway, so when they return home they have more time to enjoy with their friends and family.”

It is the first location to open nationwide for ROAM, where about 20 people can work out at a given time. Passes can be purchased for the day, month or year, and offer options for travelers to rent Lululemon clothes and Brooks running shoes.

There are also lockers to store carry-on luggage, electrical outlets suitable for charging almost any device and, perhaps best of all, showers.

“Honestly, one of our main efforts right now is making sure our visitors are educated about everything we offer,” Sandall said. “You can take care of yourself at an airside gym facility with showers so you don’t have to worry about being all sweaty and gross for your flight.”

The concept is one Sandall said is well suited to start at BWI, an airport that has been recognized nationwide for its efforts to encourage healthy living. Healthy dining options, a bike path and rentals and the BWI Cardio Trail are among the other features that set BWI apart from the pack.

“We are thrilled to see people’s reactions to the concept so far,” Sandall said. “We’ve had a lot of really positive feedback about everything from our shoe and clothing rental to the showers, and being right there next to the gate after security really takes away the stress of worrying about catching your flight on time.”

Another 20 locations are planned at airports throughout the country in the next five years.

Through March, a day pass costs $25, month pass $150 and annual pass $500. Regular pricing begins in April at $40 a day, $175 a month and $600 a year.

ROAM Fitness is open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, so there is plenty of time even for those who say there isn’t.

Similar to ROAM Fitness, our goal here at Econopark Express is to make traveling out of BWI Airport more convenient. Complimentary bottles of water are available on our shuttles to help customers recharge, a value to fitness gurus who know the toll travel can take on hydration.

In addition, our 24/7 shuttle service is staffed by hard-working individuals dedicated to serving you, so you can save time and energy. Instead of wrestling with your baggage and stressing about having enough time, we take care of everything.

That way time should never be too short for you to be able to pump the brakes at Econopark Express and pump some iron at BWI.